Foreign Currency Remittances
Foreign Currency Remittances stand for receiving money from other countries and depositing money to other countries in their currency.
Can you imagine you receive a phone call or email suddenly of your son or daughter who is studying or your relative have gone on international trip and urgently need money so in this circumstances what will you do?

Fortunately, there are many options you have to transfer money from India or to receive it from other country.

As per RBI (Reserve Bank of India) guidelines, you can remit up to $1 lakh a year for your child's education, while under the Liberalized Remittance Scheme; you can transfer up to $2 lakh a year abroad for various purposes, such as investment, education and medical treatment. So, whether you need to send money to your child, gift it to friends and relatives, or buy goods and services from a foreign country, here's how you can do it.
You can use the facility of foreign currency remittances for following purposes:
  • Visa Fees
  • Medical Treatment
  • Overseas Education
  • .
  • Emigration Consultancy Fees.
  • For Fees & Examination for GRE and TOEFL etc.

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